Bedworks of Maine solid wood bedroom furnitureThe BedWorks of Maine Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

BedWorks of Maine's beds, futon frames, dressers, chests, nightstands and mirrors are hand-crafted of solid North American ash, a superior light-colored hardwood with a beautiful grain. This fine wood is hand-sanded and finished in five steps, or can be left unfinished if you prefer. 13 stains and paint colors are available, and a low-VOC water-based Aqua-Clear coating can be applied alone or on top of stain or paint. The dressers and chests feature extra-deep drawers which are dovetailed on all corners and run smoothly on Euroglide runners, with a choice of six different drawer pulls. BedWorks of Maine's platform beds--for use without a foundation--have solid hardwood slats for excellent mattress support and metal-on-metal corner connections for added strength and durability. Matching under-bed drawers can be used under any of their platform beds, conventional beds for use with a foundation are also available, and some styles are available as a headboard only.

BedWorks of Maine has been crafting furniture in the USA for over three decades of renewable, sustainable Eastern domestic hardwoods. Any glue used in production is water-based; their wood finishes contain no urea formaldehyde and have passed ASTM testing for lead**; and their packaging is made from recycled materials whenever possible. Some assembly is required on beds, underbed drawers and futon frames. Casegoods arrive fully assembled.

Bedworks of Maine wood finishes
Stain colors included in prices listed. Paint colors (white, sage, etc.) and espresso tone: $40 up-charge. Aqua-Clear finish: $60 up-charge.


All bed styles are available in platform version for use without a foundation. *Surry, Andover, Rockland, Pembroke, Lucerne, Camden, Franklin, Windsor and Lubec beds are also available 1) with a low footboard, 2) as headboard only, 3) as foundation design with high footboard, or 4) foundation design with low footboard. Contact us for pricing and ordering these options.

Yarmouth platform bed Danforth platform bed Sedgwick platform bed

Serenity platform bed

Portland platform bed Ashland platform bed Surry platform bed Andover platform bed


$320 Single/Twin
$350 Twin XL
$350 Double/Full
$370 Full XL
$370 Queen
$490 East./Std. King
$510 California King
(avail. with headboard)


$430 Single/Twin
$450 Twin XL
$450 Double/Full
$470 Full XL
$470 Queen
$600 East./Std. King
$620 California King
(avail. with taller headboard)


$510 Single/Twin
$560 Double/Full
$620 Queen
$770 East./Std. King

SERENITY (formerly Zen)

$500 Single/Twin
$550 Double/Full
$620 Queen
$680 East./Std. King


$740 Single/Twin
$780 Twin XL
$780 Double/Full
$800 Queen
$990 East./Std. King
$1,010 California King
(avail. as headboard only)


$620 Single/Twin
$670 Double/Full
$730 Queen
$880 East./Std. King
(avail. with low footboard)


$700 Single/Twin
$760 Double/Full
$820 Queen
$950 East./Std. King


$700 Single/Twin
$760 Double/Full
$820 Queen
$950 East./Std. King

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Rockland platform bed Pembroke platform bed Lucerne platform bed Camden platform bed Franklin platform bed Windsor platform bed Lubec platform bed  


$720 Single/Twin
$770 Double/Full
$830 Queen
$960 East./Std. King


$770 Single/Twin
$840 Double/Full
$890 Queen
$1,020 East./Std. King


$960 Double/Full
$1,000 Queen
$1,150 East./Std. King


$890 Double/Full
$940 Queen
$1,080 East./Std. King


$870 Double/Full
$920 Queen
$1,040 East./Std. King


$960 Double/Full
$1,000 Queen
$1,150 East./Std. King


$940 Double/Full
$990 Queen
$1,120 East./Std. King

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standard mattress sizes

Single/Twin 39" X 76"
Twin XL 39" X 80"
Double/Full 54" X 76"
Full XL 54" X 80"
Queen 60" X 80"
East./Std. King 78" X 80"
California King 72" X 84"
Beds are made slightly larger than the mattress size to allow room to tuck in bedding.

underbed drawersUNDERBED DRAWERS

Four of these large storage drawers can fit under any platform bed. They run on casters and extend a bit above the side rail, which reduces dust. 36.5"W x 20.75"D x 12" $100 each. buy under-bed drawers

underbed drawerFOOT-OF-BED DRAWER

A perfect fit under the foot of your full- or queen-size platform bed, this drawer runs on casters and provides added storage for any bedroom. Full $160. Queen $170.
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  • PLATFORM SLATS: Platform beds have 3/4" thick hardwood slats (ash, maple or birch) 3" wide, spaced 2 1/2" apart. Rolls of slats are also available as a separate item. Contact us for pricing and ordering.
  • BED DIMENSIONS: For all platform beds except Serenity, the distance from bottom of rail to floor is 11" and platform height is 13". Bed length and height are provided on the detail page when you click a "buy" button above.
  • AQUA-CLEAR FINISH: BedWorks of Maine's Aqua-Clear finish is a low VOC product that uses water as a carrier instead of petroleum-based solvents. This means reduced toxins for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities as well as reduced landfill, ground water and ozone-depleting contaminants. This certified coating contains very low levels of heavy metals and no formaldehyde. BedWorks of Maine's stains are oil-based, but any color can be ordered with an Aqua Clear top coat. For the lowest toxicity we suggest ordering the Aqua-Clear finish alone, which yields the same natural wood color as the "clear" finish in the color strip above.

BedWorks of Maine furniture is available finished or unfinished. Beds and futon frames usually ship from the factory in 6-8 weeks, though Freeport, Yarmouth, and Danforth styles typically ship in 2-4 weeks. Casegoods usually ship in 8-10 weeks. Email us or call 541-708-0614 for more information on products, shipping, or pricing on optional configurations not shown above.


17¼D x 19W x 2"H - $460
buy 1-drawer nightstand

One drawer nightstand

17¼D x 23W x 27H - $600
buy 3-drawer nightstand

3 drawer nightstand

19½D x 33½W x 34H - $960
buy 3-drawer chest

3 drawer chest

19½D x 33½W x 51H - $1,190
buy 5-drawer chest

5 drawer chest

19½D x 36½W x 51H - $1,360
buy 6-drawer chest

6 drawer chest

19½D x 63½W x 32H - $1,220
buy 6-drawer dresser

6 drawer dresser

19½D x 63½W x 41¾H - $1,630
buy 9-drawer dresser

9 drawer dresser

17½D x 23W x 51H - $1,070
buy lingerie chest

lingerie chest

34W x 47½H - $480
buy vertical mirror

Vertical mirror

49W x 43½H - $480
buy horizontal mirror

Horizontal mirror

BedWorks of Maine dresser drawer pulls drawer pulls/handles drawer knobs
Handles: $40 up-charge.

Bedworks of Maine wood finishes
Stain colors included in prices listed. Paint colors (white, sage, etc.) and espresso tone: $40 up-charge. Aqua-Clear finish: $60 up-charge.


The BedWorks of Maine futon frames are made of solid ash with maple slats to ensure durability. Metal-on-metal connectors provide easy assembly, strength, and longevity. Many futon frames sit too deep in the seat for comfort, but theirs are designed with two seating positions. The first is similar to a traditional upright sofa, which allows your feet to rest on the floor and your back to be fully supported. The second position reclines slightly for a more casual feel. The frames are available in numerous stains and paint colors (see chart above). For the lowest toxicity we suggest their Aqua-Clear finish. This water-based finish is low-VOC, contains very low levels of heavy metals and no formaldehyde. Low-VOC options include 1) Aqua-Clear finish only, 2) Aqua-Clear as a top coat over an oil-based stain, or 3) unfinished so you can have your own finish applied upon receipt. $220 shipping from Maine; some assembly is required, contact us for delivery quote with set-up. Production time is typically 5-7 weeks.

Ash L futon frame Maine II futon frame Oxford futon frame Castine futon frame Cottage futon frame Mission futon frame

Basic clamshell design.

Basic mission style;
23" arm height.

Contemporary metro look;
25½" arm height.

Adirondack style;
25½" arm height.

23" arm height; painted finishes only.

Similar to the Maine II, but beefier construction.

Full $430
72½L x 35H x 31D

Full $520
81½L x 35H x 32½D

Full $570
82½L x 35H x 32½D

Full $620
84½L x 35H x 32½D

Full $650
84½L x 35H x 32½D

Full $700
85¾L x 35H x 32½D

Queen $480
77½L x 37H x 37D

Queen $570
86½L x 38H x 37½D

Queen $630
87½L x 38H x 37½D

Queen $670
89½L x 38H x 37½D

Queen $700
89½L x 38H x 37½D

Queen $760
90¾L x 38H x 37½D

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See Soaring Heart organic futons to complete your futon sofa/bed.

Return Policies

Damage: Bedworks of Maine works hard to package your product in a way that it will arrive safely at your door. We ask that you inspect each package immediately upon receipt. If there is any evidence of damage (i.e. torn, ripped, opened or dirty boxes, or dents, dings or impressions in the packaging) you must write "damaged" on the delivery receipt before signing, and report this to us within 24 hours of receipt. Within 24 hours of receipt, you should open and inspect all products for damage.


Returns: Please call us if you have any reason to return a product. We will not accept any packages without prior return authorization. You will not receive credit for your returned merchandise unless there has been proper return authorization. You are responsible for all shipping and handling charges related to the returned merchandise, both to and from the factory. Re-stocking fees may be charged depending on circumstances.


Defective Products: In the event that you have a problem with any Bedworks products, please call us so that we can help resolve the problem in the most quick and efficient manner. If it is deemed to be a manufacturer's defect Bedworks of Maine will replace or repair the merchandise as quickly as possible.


Return Procedures:
Call for return authorization before sending any product back to The Bedworks. After you have received a return authorization please follow these steps for returning product.

  1. Place all products back into the original packaging to ensure that there is no shipping damage incurred.
  2. Follow all shipping instructions that you have been given.
  3. If you have any questions please call before sending your product back.

**Proposition 65 Warning
In 2016, Bedworks of Maine had their products independently tested for compliance with California's Proposition 65, which requires warning labels on products that may contain any of more than 800 chemicals or ingredients that the CA Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) lists as a carcinogen or reproductive toxin. Of these 800-plus substances, they did not meet compliance levels for two: 1) Their barrel nuts tested positive for lead. These nuts have been replaced with a lead-free option, so this is no longer an issue. 2) Phthalates were found in their top coat finishes. This is harder to change in their production process, so all finished furniture shipped to California still have a Prop 65 warning label. There is no such warning on Bedworks of Maine's unfinished furniture because it has no finish applied. Most small furniture companies do not have their products tested, so while we are disappointed about the finish issue we applaud the company for going to the expense of testing and being forthright about the results.