Nature's Carpet Natural Wool Non-Toxic Carpet
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I see samples of Nature's Carpet?
If you are located in our vicinity you can visit our office to see swatches. If not, please contact us to order up to three free samples. Please provide the style name, color and your mailing address.

I am allergic or sensitive to almost all drapery and soft floor coverings. How can I know that Nature's Carpet will be right for me?
The first carpets in the collection were introduced, on a limited basis, in the early nineties. The results of an initial two-year evaluation of the carpet, in the homes of people presenting high levels of sensitivity to chemical toxins, were outstanding. Further evaluation in the years since has confirmed and built on this remarkable debut. Having said that, to provide the peace of mind that is so important to many of our customers, upon the purchase of Nature's Carpet we can have a sample piece sent to you for a three-day trial. This piece of carpet will be from the same roll of Nature's Carpet that is scheduled to be shipped to you. In the unlikely event that you have a reaction to the sample, the order will be cancelled.

What makes the Dark Green carpets of ultra low toxicity?

  • Nature's Carpet Dark Green collection consists of fine carpet pile made entirely from 100% New Zealand Wool. The wool is cleaned in a dedicated cleansed scour, where none of the chemicals employed in the mothproofing of regular wool products is present. As a result, the clean scoured wool is totally biodegradable or recyclable at the end of its long life as a floor covering.
  • The spinning of the wool takes place in a dedicated plant, so it does not mix with materials which are not 100% natural. The chemical adhesive used in conventional carpet is replaced with a non-toxic latex made from natural rubber. The natural qualities of this latex are evident in the softness and flexibility of the carpet.
  • The attractive range of colors in the Nature's Carpet Dark Green collection is achieved by employing naturally occurring colors in the wool. No dyes are used. Just like the wool that lies on the sheep's back through intense sunlight, rain, sleet and snow, these carpets have a natural colorfastness to protect against fading.
  • The dual backing of the carpet is manufactured from natural jute, a vegetable fiber grown in Bangladesh and other developing countries without using any pesticide or chemical fertilizers.
  • The low amount of chemicals, at every stage of the carpet's manufacture and composition, means there is little or no toxic off-gassing, the principal cause of suffering to chemically sensitive individuals. Also, unlike hard flooring, Nature's Carpet forms an efficient dust trap, lowering the amount of airborne particles that cause discomfort to people with allergies. These particles may, of course, be safely and easily removed with a high efficiency vacuum cleaner.

I am aware that Nature's Carpet makes a "medium green" and "light green" line of carpet. Can I buy these from you?
We pre-screen all products we carry to make sure they are 100% natural and non-toxic. Since the medium and light green styles from Nature's carpet use some synthetic materials and have insecticides applied we do not promote these products, though they are probably more pure than the "green-washed" carpets promoted by the major brands. If you would like to purchase a style from Nature's Carpet medium or light green lines please contact us for pricing.

Who will install my carpet?
We have sold carpet in many areas of the USA, so we may be able to find an installer recommendation in your vicinity...please contact us to find out. If not, you should be able to find a local certified floor covering installer at

How should I maintain Nature's Carpet?
New Zealand Wool has a natural, built-in resistance to soilage, and naturally repels water-borne stains (provided the spilled liquid is removed promptly at the time it occurs). Spot cleaning instructions are available on request. For full cleaning, hot water extraction method is recommended to minimize chemical contact. Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed only with a suction head, and not with beater bars, except to remove surface build-up of wool pills should they occur. Cut pile carpet should be vacuumed with beater bars, as they will revitalize the carpet and reduce felting.

Where is Nature's Carpet manufacturered?
The primary manufacturing base for Nature's Carpet's Dark Green products is a facility located in Australia, in Dandenong. Two spinning mills allow the company to be a vertically integrated manufacturer with the flexibility to produce pure wool yarns of very high quality. Their environmental commitment is carried out at every stage of production. Their Australian mills have attained ISO9001-2000 Quality Accreditation (constant quality control) and are committed to an ongoing high standard for both products and customer service. Continual investment in modern equipment ensures that product quality remains first-class and that their mills retain their reputation for excellence.

What is the warranty on Nature's Carpet?
The Nature's Carpet warranty states that if in the period of seven years from the date of delivery the product fails to give satisfaction in normal use due to any manufacturing defect arising from either faulty materials or inferior workmanship, the defective products will be replaced or repaired without further expense to the buyer. This guarantee is subject to the following conditions.

  1. Carpet must be used in locations commensurate with the ACCS rating for the particular quality.
  2. That the carpet be exactly installed by competent tradesmen in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation and Australian Standards Association Carpet Installation Recommendations AS/NZ2455-1995 Part 1, 'Textile Floor Coverings - Laying Practice'.
  3. That moisture in concrete slabs is not in excess of that nominated in AS/NZ2455-1995 Part 1.
  4. That an adequate maintenance program be instituted and supervised in accordance with the AS 3733. Such maintenance program to comprise regular vacuuming with an approved commercial type cleaner plus professional spot cleaning where necessary and professional shampooing when necessary, but not more frequently then biannually, as dictated by local conditions.
  5. That areas of the carpet adjacent to hard floor surfaces be adequately protected from cleaning or polishing agents or abrasive materials used in cleaning those hard floor surfaces.
  6. That any incisions made during or after laying be taped or otherwise reinforced by experienced carpet layers within a short period of time.
  7. That willful or accidental damage to the carpet will not be the responsibility of Nature's Carpet.
  8. That tears, burns, pulls, cuts or damage resulting from the use of improper cleaning agents or methods will not be the responsibility of Nature's Carpet.
  9. That damage to the carpet resulting from the use of mobile equipment will not be the responsibility of Nature's Carpet.
  10. The the carpet is not guaranteed against permanent pile reversal (sometimes referred to as shading or watermarking).
  11. That the carpet is no guaranteed against ozone damage.
  12. That the carpet is installed in a residence. Commercial installations are warranteed against manufacturing defects for a limited time. Please contact us for details.

In this guarantee the term 'normal use' is defined to exclude the following:

  1. Lift cars and their approaches.
  2. Stairways.
  3. Ground floor main entrance doors and foyers.
  4. Areas under desks and chairs subject to long term, unprotected and localized use.
  5. Any areas where after laying the carpet is unprotected and subject to damage or soiling by sub-contract tradesmen.
  6. Areas, which have at any time been subject to mold as a result of damp being retained under the impermeable protective covering or through any other cause.