Organic Cotton Barriers Covers

These uniquely designed certified organic cotton barrier covers help protect mattresses, pillows and duvet covers from dust mites by preventing them from entering and laying eggs in your mattress and bedding. Pure-Rest's barrier cloth is a high thread count SKAL-certified organic cotton fabric, heat pressed to tighten the fibers to less than a 6-micron opening. This small opening is recommended to protect against dust mite debris. Unlike synthetic covers, their organic cotton cloth is breathable and soft to the touch, and its purity is not contaminated by adding chemicals or urethanes.

The fitted mattress cover goes on like a fitted sheet to surround the mattress top and sides. This style fits up to a 14" thick mattress. The zippered style covers the whole, sides and bottom. If you have a heavy mattress it can be quite a chore to get the zippered style on, so if you plan to wash it frequently you might consider the fitted style. A plastic zipper is used on the zippered covers because the teeth on metal zippers can allow dustmites to get through. Zippered barrier covers are available to fit mattress thicknesses from 6" to 16". Custom sizes are also available; contact us for pricing. The cotton fabric is grown and made in Germany and the barrier covers are sewn in California. Machine wash and dry; oversized to allow for shrinkage. FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA.


Organic Cotton Mattress Barrier Covers

Organic Cotton
Topper Barrier Cover

Organic Cotton
Duvet Barrier Cover

Organic Cotton
Pillow Barrier Covers


6-8" Zippered

8-10" Zippered

10-12" Zippered

12-14" Zippered

14-16" Zippered

Fitted Cover

Fits 2-3" Topper




$142 (6")






$92 (35x53)

STANDARD (20x25)


TWIN (38x75)








$164 (68x86)

QUEEN (20x30)


TWIN XL (38x80)








$179 (66x94)

KING (20x35)


FULL (53x75)








$224 (full/queen, 86x86)

CHILD (14x20)


QUEEN (60x80)








EURO (26x26)


EAST KING (76x80)








$272 (100x86)

BOUDOIR (12.5x16)


CA KING (72x84)








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