All of the materials that Carolina Morning (A.K.A. Body Friendly Furniture) uses are nontoxic and sustainably sourced. In addition to employing organic and natural plant-based materials, like cotton, kapok, buckwheat, and flax, the company uses sustainably harvested wood and fiberboard made from 100% recycled content and nontoxic adhesives.

The company also employs creative solutions to reuse any internal waste it generates, e.g., using cardboard in permaculture gardens. "There’s hardly anything that leaves our facility that doesn’t get used."

Organic Sofas, Chairs & Futons

It's frightening to learn that upholstered furniture contains fire retardants in the cushion foam, as well as formaldehyde, fire retardants, stain repellents and other toxic chemicals on the fabric surface. But it is downright alarming when you realize that rather than off-gassing over time, the toxicity problem actually gets worse as the furniture ages due to the release of VOCs when synthetic foam degrades. This is especially troubling to families with small children. According to the Environmental Working Group, "scientists have found that exposure to minute doses of toxic fire retardants at critical points in development can damage reproductive systems and cause deficits in motor skills, hearing, learning, memory and behavior...[and that] fire retardants in everyday items like furniture, computers, televisions and other electronics migrate into the home environment and could expose children to concentrations exceeding the EPA's recommended safe levels." "In the first nationwide investigation of chemical fire retardants in parents and their children, Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that toddlers and preschoolers typically had 3 times more of the neurotoxic compounds in their blood than their mothers. The [2008] study suggests that U.S. children 1 to 4 years of age bear the heaviest burden of flame retardant pollution in the industrialized world." NEW STUDY (2014): Tests find toxic fire retardants in mothers and even more in toddlers

However, if you've been looking for an organic sofa to avoid exposure to these chemicals you know how horribly expensive organic upholstered furniture is! We've been searching for years for an affordable sofa and recently came up with some attractive, comfortable options that won't break the bank.

Eco Sofas & Chairs: organic cotton, eco wool, chemical-free kapok

Organic Kapok Sofa chemical-freeCarolina Morning's Eco Sofa has a sleek, clean, space saving design, yet offers the seating capacity of a full-size upholstered couch. Its frame is modular and can be expanded or rearranged to become a chair/loveseat, sectional (corner sofa), coffee table, queen bed support, and more. The sofa can double as a 1/2 queen day bed by removing the bolsters and/or pillows.

Lining the Eco Sofa's removable, washable 8 oz. organic cotton canvas seat cover is an eco-wool felted barrier fabric. This wool layer provides fire retardance, moisture wicking and temperature regulation. The eco wool envelope is filled with kapok fiber that has been found to be free of chemical residues by third-party testing. Kapok is a soft, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly fiber that comes from the seed pod of the kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra). It is grown without herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers because the tree and its fruit are not bothered by pests and it grows well in poor soils. The fiber is breathable, and it can be reused for generations without developing mold or decaying, though it will biodegrade outdoors over time. One of the few sustainable rainforest crops, Kapok has been a prized possession for centuries...used by gurus, saints and spiritual masters who marveled at its unique characteristics. The seating surface will be firm and supportive after the kapok settles down to a thickness of about 4". The kapok filling can be re-fluffed and redistributed to eliminate body impressions. If the futon becomes too firm over the years it can be easily and inexpensively replaced. For a softer seating surface you can order a natural latex (Pure-Rest) or a latex/wool/cotton (Soaring Heart) insert instead of the kapok seat cushion. To purchase a sofa with a seat cushion insert other than kapok please order the components, including the colored canvas cover, separately. Contact us if you need help figuring out which are needed for your desired configuration.

USDA Organic certificateGOTS Global Organic Textile Standards
organic fabric certifications

OTCO Oregon Tilth
eco wool processing certification

EcoSquares, which form the sofa frame, are constructed from poplar wood and finished with a non-toxic whey-based product from Vermont Natural Coatings. EM® ceramic powder and amethyst gemstone powder are added to the finish for far-infrared frequency and healing effects.

The Eco Sofa can be ordered with pillows or yoga bolsters for back support. As you can see in the photos below, back pillows offer a little more height and seating depth than yoga bolsters, and they provide softer support for your back. Sofa legs are 16". We feel comfortable about 4" shorter, and you can easily cut the legs off after purchase to get the perfect fit for your family. Assembly is required. See price list for other options, parts and accessories, and contact us for related products and variations. Production time for a sofa is about 5 business days. Click the "buy" link to see UPS Ground shipping costs for the continental USA.

organic sofa kapok
Eco Sofa with 3 queen &
2 standard pillows

organic platform couch
Eco Sofa with 3 yoga bolsters

organic sectional sofa
Sectional w/ half-side & Eco table
(one Eco Square = table)

organic eco chair
Eco Chair with back & side pillows
(shown with latex cushion)

organic sofa colors
Organic Cotton Canvas Colors
(click for close-up)

some assembly required
Assembly required

Organic Eco Sofa, parts & accessories

Sofa with 3 pillows (extra firm fill: queen)


Sofa with 5 pillows (extra firm fill: 2 standard, 3 queen)


Sectional sofa with half-side (5 yoga bolsters)


Sectional sofa with full-side (6 yoga bolsters)


Eco Chair with back & side pillow


buy eco sofa or chair

Eco Square (30x40x16)


Back rail


End/side rail


Queen platform bed frame (4 Eco Squares)


Kapok 1/2 queen futon


Latex 1/2 queen futon (4.5" or 6")


Latex/worsted wool 1/2 queen futon (4.5" or 6")


Latex/wool/cotton 1/2 queen futon (6-8")


1/2 queen futon cover


Extra yoga bolster with cover


Extra standard pillow with cover (extra firm fill)


Extra queen pillow with cover (extra firm fill)


Upgrade from yoga bolster to queen pillow


5 pounds loose kapok


buy eco parts & accessories

Carolina Morning Product Returns & Warranties

Carolina Morning strives to deliver products which are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. They offer a money-back guarantee on products that are returnable, but due to federal health and safety regulations bedding and sofa components are not returnable. Returns of returnable products are offered with no processing fee, but items must be returned in new, clean, unaltered condition within 21 days of receipt. Note that outbound freight charges are not refundable and you will be responsible for return costs as well as the shipping charge for any replacement products. Please contact us before returning an item so we can help you decide what your best options are for return or exchange. All Carolina Morning products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear to a product. Please contact us for tech support or warranty service. Alternate latex seat cushions made by Pure-Rest and Soaring Heart carry the warranty of these manufacturers, not Carolina Morning.

Futon Sofas: organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex, solid wood

organic futon sofaOur futon sofas combine BedWorks of Maine frames and Soaring Heart futons.

The BedWorks of Maine has been designing and manufacturing futon frames since 1984 and their construction standards are the highest in the industry. Their frames are made of solid ash with maple slats to ensure durability. Metal-on-metal connectors provide easy assembly, strength, and longevity. Many futon frames sit too deep in the seat for comfort, but theirs are designed with two seating positions. The first is similar to a traditional upright sofa, which allows your feet to rest on the floor and your back to be fully supported. The second position reclines slightly for a more casual feel. And, of course, they recline fully into a flat bed position. The frames are available in numerous stains and paint colors, and for the lowest toxicity we suggest their Aqua-Clear finish. This water-based finish is low-VOC, contains very low levels of heavy metals and no formaldehyde. Low-VOC options include 1) Aqua-Clear finish only, 2) Aqua-Clear as a top coat over an oil-based stain, or 3) unfinished so you can have your own finish applied upon receipt. $220 shipping from Maine; some assembly is required, contact us for delivery quote with set-up. Production time is typically 5-6 weeks.

Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company's futons are made from ALL organic materials that are grown responsibly. Their cotton and wool is grown in the United States by people who are passionate about providing a quality product. Every farm, carding mill, cotton gin, and latex plant has been vetted and scrutinized. They have a personal relationship with each supplier and can attest to their commitment to organic processing, excellent craftsmanship, and environmental stewardship. And unlike many brands that have made purchasing confusing with ambiguous certifications and green-washing, Soaring Heart states exactly what is in their products and exactly what is not. In fact, they were one of only two companies recognized for full disclosure in The Mattress Matters, a 2011 report by Clean and Healthy New York. Futons are available in three configurations: 1) all cotton, 2) cotton and wool, and 3) cotton, latex and wool. Covers are available in 18 colors. Soaring Heart futons are 7" - 8" thick when new and compress to 6" - 7" with use. Your futon should last you from eight to fifteen years, depending upon how well you maintain it, and it can be reworked by Soaring Heart if needed. Free shipping from Seattle. Read more about Soaring Heart.

Futon Frames

Ash L futon frame Maine II futon frame Oxford futon frame Castine futon frame Cottage futon frame Mission futon frame

Basic clamshell design.

Basic mission style;
23" arm height.

Contemporary metro look;
25½" arm height.

Adirondack style;
25½" arm height.

23" arm height; painted finishes only.

Similar to the Maine II, but beefier construction.

Full $330
72½L x 35H x 31D

Full $450
81½L x 35H x 32½D

Full $520
82½L x 35H x 32½D

Full $540
84½L x 35H x 32½D

Full $600
84½L x 35H x 32½D

Full $700
85¾L x 35H x 32½D

Queen $380
77½L x 37H x 37D

Queen $510
86½L x 38H x 37½D

Queen $570
87½L x 38H x 37½D

Queen $590
89½L x 38H x 37½D

Queen $650
89½L x 38H x 37½D

Queen $750
90¾L x 38H x 37½D

buy Ash frame

buy Maine II frame

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buy Castine frame

buy Cottage frame

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Stains and unfinished: no extra charge. Paint colors & espresso tone: $40. Aqua-Clear non-toxic finish: $60

futon stain selections

Organic Cotton, Latex & Wool (optional) Futon



cotton & latex

cotton, latex, wool


54" x 75"




60" x 80"



buy cotton/ latex futon

buy cotton/
latex/wool futon

Other sizes are available, click "buy" links for pricing.

Organic cotton latex wool futon Organic Cotton, Latex & Wool (optional) Futon

Do you want the most luxurious organic futon out there? Soaring Heart's organic cotton, latex and wool futon layers organic cotton and premium organic wool around an organic Dunlop latex core (firm, 32 to 37 ILD). The latex core gives this futon unprecedented comfort and contouring in a futon-style mattress, and is hand-tufted for superior longevity. This is the ideal mattresses for those who prefer a soft, yet supportive bed and it is perfect for use in a sofa set-up because the latex core reduces creasing where the futon folds. Vegan (without wool) futons are also available but these are custom-made and the order cannot be cancelled. Free shipping. see more information Must be covered with our felted wool, cotton flannel or cotton quilted mattress pad for warranty coverage and rework. See care instructions for organic futon maintenance.

Organic Cotton / Cotton & Wool Futon




cotton & wool


54" x 75"




60" x 80"



buy vegan cotton

buy cotton/wool

Other sizes are available, click "buy" links for pricing.

Organic Cotton Futon or Cotton & Wool Futon

Inside Soaring Heart's classic organic cotton futon is American grown, long-fiber organic cotton that has been cross-layered and hand-tufted to provide long lasting comfort. This futon makes the perfect mattress for those who enjoy a firm feel. In their organic cotton and wool futon, premium organic wool, a blend gathered from eight different sheep breeds grown on small farms along the Oregon and California coasts, creates a protective barrier around the organic cotton core, which gives you a longer lasting mattress that is supremely comfortable. Free shipping. see more information Note that all-cotton futons (vegan) require a doctor's note stating that wool is not recommended for the patient, and a note from the buyer stating that you recognize this style does not have flame retardant properties.  Vegan futons are custom-made and the order cannot be cancelled. Must be covered with our felted wool, cotton flannel or cotton quilted mattress pad for warranty coverage and rework. See care instructions for organic futon maintenance.

Organic Futon Cover





54" x 75"



60" x 80"



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organic futon colorsOrganic Futon Covers

These 100% organic cotton zippered covers are perfect for keeping your sofa futon clean and looking great. They're machine washable, pre-shrunk, and made with a mitered corner for a snug fit. Because everyone's computer monitor is a little different, note that actual colors may vary slightly from the photos. Hand-crafted of 9-ounce organic cotton canvas in Seattle, Washington; usually in 1-3 weeks. Click on color image for a larger view of fabrics.