Series 400 Air Purifier (beige)

Series 400 Air Purifier (beige)

Part #: 400-CP-2570 (387)
Description: Powder coat finish (beige) air purifier rated for 1000 square feet. Large carbon bed and HEPA filter removes chemicals and particles to .3 microns. UV light optional, for disinfection. Standard mix media.
Size: 1000 sq ft
Dimension: 13.5X13.5X32
Style: Standard Mix Carbon (60% coconut, 40% Purapel)
Manufacturer: E.L. Foust
Price: US $775.00
Shipping: Shipped by UPS Ground from Chicago, IL

Color: Beige


Optional UV Light for Series 400

Description: Produces ultraviolet light at 254nm wavelength, the most effective for neutralizing airborne micro-organisms. Produces no ozone. Replace annually if used 24/7.
Price: US 199.00

Pkg of 3 Pleated Pre-Filters / Series 400

Description: E.L. Foust package of 3 Series 400 pleated pre-filters. Protects the motor and the HEPA filter. Should be replaced every 2-3 months.
Price: US 39.00