2-stage Travel Filter

2-stage Travel Filter

Part #: LW10TF (469)
Description: Slim, lightweight filter for travelers who want a continuous flow of great tasting water free of dangerous cysts as well as 99.9% removal of bacteria, chlorine, trihalomethanes, volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) and lead.
Size: 1-canister
Manufacturer: LivingWaters
Price: US $149.00
Shipping: $17 shipping from Colorado by UPS Ground

Color: White


2-Stage Travel Filter Replacement Cartridge

Description: Replacement cartridge for the LW10TF travel filter
Price: US 61.25

2-Stage Countertop Replacement Cartridge (Norit DuoFlow® Microfiltration filter)

Description: Replacement cartridge for the 2-stage system #LWCT1. Revolutionary 10” microbiological filter uses capillary membrane technolgy to provide 99.9999% reduction of bacteria, cysts, molds, and spores, and a 99.95% reduction of virus, plus chemical and sediment reduction.
Price: US 101.00