6-Stage Undercounter System

6-Stage Undercounter System

Part #: LWUC4 (474)
Description: Four cartridge, 6-stage undercounter system with Safewater Technology for guaranteed removal of dangerous cysts, bacteria, and viruses. Also chemical and sediment reduction, chlorine and chloramine removal, removal of fluoride, arsenic and radioactive particles, plus removal of nitrates sometimes found in well-water. Will remove contaminants as well as RO but preserves healthy alkaline minerals and wastes no water.
Size: 4-cartridge
Manufacturer: LivingWaters
Price: US $569.00
Shipping: $27 shipping from Colorado by UPS Ground

Color: White


UC4 or CT4 Replacement Cartridge

Description: Replacement pack for the LWUC4 or LWSWCT4 systems (4 cartridges)
Price: US 246.00

Faucet color change

Description: The standard faucet color in the 5 and 6 stage LivingWaters systems is chrome. Select other color here. $60 upcharge for colors other than chrome.
Price: US 60.00