UC4 or CT4 Replacement Cartridge

UC4 or CT4 Replacement Cartridge

Part #: LWRC4 (480)
Description: Replacement pack for the LWUC4 or LWSWCT4 systems (4 cartridges)
Size: 10 inches
Manufacturer: LivingWaters
Price: US $246.00
Shipping: $22 shipping from Colorado by UPS Ground


Upgrade 5-stage undercounter system

Description: Hose and hardware to connect 4th cartridge to 5-stage LivingWaters undercounter system to upgrade to 6-stage.
Price: US 25.00

Upgrade 5-stage countertop system

Description: LivingWaters' charge to upgrade 5-stage countertop system to 6-stage for chloramine removal. Includes return shipping.
Price: US 60.00